Garden Soldiers

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Contributor: Jen Maude

- -
Amidst our busy, bustling lot,
A hostile takeover of our plot.
Carried out in secret, no one expected,
The enemy lurking undetected.
Colonel Cooch out on patrol,
His runners primed to seize control.
The army troops with marching orders,
Successfully storm comfrey borders.
Additional bargained henchmen schemes,
Captain cling-on unite slug submarines.
Swift invader bombs our flank,
Disaster source, lone pullet tank.
Our green clad soldiers stood no chance,
Captured in life’s herbal trance.
Alas! Fierce warriors could foresee,
Sweet garden beds of naive pansy!
Swept up, a dizzying floral romance,
Effortless to quash, this fragrant dance.
So look! We came in far too late,
To save our soldiers from their fate.
Entrapped within camp concentration,
Smothered pleas for liberation.
Oh, pretty green clad army of ours,
Our enemy has reached final hours.
We’re here to pluck villains from your back,
And herein, vigilance to attack.
Liberty returns to garden bed,
Sun and water, duly fed.
Released once more, our soldiers free,
In green clad garden, harmony.

- - -
Jen is a woman inspired, interested, curious. A hand maker of pretty things. Creative dreamer, who must express love of the everyday through art and poetry.


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