Fighting Fate with Faith

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Contributor: Leonardo Miguel Castillo

- -
She was the epitome of what every princess should be-
Unwavering yet compassionate, a sensible being but also a visionary.
Unlike the other princesses, however, she has felt something was missing.

She was reminded of this absence as a little blue bird hopped into view
And began to sing its song under the radiant sunglow,
Its breast out and feathers stretched
As if to boast its majesty to the kingdom.

The bird was envied by the princess.
And who can blame her?
Though soft and minuscule, the bird was celestial nonetheless.
And on top of its angelic morning tune, it had the ability to fly.

“If only,” she pondered. “Why is that it was born with wings, and I was not?
To be free, to be safe from all evils of the world, to be like them.
I long to soar the skies, but I just cannot.
Instead I sit here hopeless, wearing a petty diadem.”

Her father’s tried everything from custom-made attachable human wings
To a full-blown jetliner of Philippine Airlines.
But each endeavor was either too perilous
Or incapable of replicating the authentic flight experience she wanted.

The princess eventually gave up on the seemingly impossible dream
For she accepted that that was how everything is fabricated.
That all things are created differently, but have equal beauty in their own way.
And with this, she came with a realization.

She did not need wings to fly, nor does she need them to keep safe from the foul.
The princess possessed something the little blue bird lacked- faith.
Faith that someone would catch her whenever she does fall.

- - -
Leonardo resides in his lovely home in California with his family. He loves futbol, basketball, and volleyball. Catch him watching the Chelsea Blues or the Phoenix Suns.


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