Booloumba Dreaming

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Contributor: Jen Maude

- -
Children’s sunny smiles,
Paddling hands; water swirl,
Bliss, we’ve found you living here,
In a carefree world.

Chilled red-green bottomed water,
Skin reminisce a winter’s day,
But warm breeze talks the summer truth,
That cannot be blown astray.

Sun dance over water,
Streams pierce the surface through,
Little fishes promptly disappear,
Veiled by dazzling sunlight hue.

Black cormorant soaks up this precious moment,
Upon a sunlit rock,
Shiver wings wears a stunning,
Silver plume shimmery frock.

Algae feasts by sunlight hours,
Slowly consumes its prey.
Growing velvety emerald feelers,
Stretching out to find the way.

Warm Winds compose summer melody,
And bumpy ash catches cue,
Suddenly a chorus sounds,
As all the trees construe.

Bell bird on lead vocals,
Cat bird; back up boon,
Look up, watch and listen,
The forest’s summer tune.

Suddenly Bumpy’s yellow leaves,
Leap off branch to twirl and dance,
Oh, Rain down upon us summer falling,
Here we wandered just by chance!

Black bean boats are waiting,
In shady shipping sheds,
For little hands to take them sailing,
To imagination edge.

Approaching; cautious monitor,
Reptile of the ages.
Watches us closely as he pretends,
Something quite courageous.

Bush turkey round the picnic table,
Saunters resolute,
Monitor may make a move,
Ensue a crumby bush dispute.

By the river rocks we’ve swum today,
Turquoise waters have refreshed,
And we’ve had such a wondrous time,
Rapt in nature’s best.

For home is now a calling,
Our hungers need fulfilling,
Though the heart and soul firmly resist,
The belly’s very willing!

Now as we leave I breathe out loud,
A peaceful contented sigh,
At just one sight, Oh,
What simple pleasure to my eye.

Through lush kikuyu pasture,
Breeze spreads a grateful feeling,
Grasses sway and wave goodbye,
Those caught in Booloumba dreaming.

- - -
Jen is a woman inspired, interested, curious. A hand maker of pretty things. Creative dreamer, who must express love of the everyday through art and poetry.


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