Seven Haikus

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Contributor: James Hand

- -
"train stop"
i am waiting here
for a train headed one way
on a finite track

"heart surgery"
open my ribs gently
place your head inside and look
stay here forever

"modern love"
we fed each other
mayonnaise in bed today
i thought, ‘is this love?’

i placed your picture
in the tron vhs and
gave my cousin it

"painting in flames"
i want to have you
and paint on your lawn with fire
my exploding heart

"dial-up existence"
laugh tracks are my choir
high-speed porn is my bible
child of low culture

"eating fruit"
peel off the rough skin
let sticky juices drip and
stain your silent shirt

- - -
I am a young man living in California. I try to write honestly. I have no formal education in creative writing, but simply love to write.


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