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Contributor: d0ll

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A scratch over the scars
Speaking out my words in sequence
I sure as hell try
With a half-comatose smile
To keep my distance
My spirit’s gone away
So give me a slap
If I’m not awake
Or I don’t listen
Staring at the walls

Well we both know that these bruises
Will soon turn from black to blue
And that I’ll leave and turn away
To walk on without you
I am not meant to stay
A faceless clown
Still trying to smile
While my red nose’s melting down
As my lipstick mouth fades

These letters vanish
From the paper with time
Though once so bold and proud
The minutes run as you chase them
Every morning becomes sad and boring
As you shiver with cold
Days are slowly crawling
When your heart grows old

Butterflies don’t flutter their wings
And the stars never shine
Deep down in the gutter
But I remember that
There used to be morning at noon
Midnight at sunset
Dinner for breakfast

No hope for a wasted weekend
Monday just won’t wait
Last cigarette in the box
Take it or I’ll throw it in the fire
This is it, my friend
No liquor left for tomorrow

- - -
Student, DJane, alternative model, DIY enthusiast from Slovakia


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