Eight Haikus

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Contributor: Sudha Srivatsan

- -
The evening sky gleams
A beautiful easing sun
At home, geese cackling

Jellyfish surface
white bodies in amber haze
hug the oars warmly

new ivory cranes
downy amber feathers fluff
tangerine sundown

Jackfruits on a cart
heat, intoxicated bees,
who would taste sweeter?

cows grazing at dusk
chessboards in watercolors
painted thin, shaky

Lightning cracks at night
window hinges croak in turns
the frog falls silent

Oak leaf knocks beetle
still, immobile, feigning dead
blink! the dry leaf walks

green caterpillar
a tit eyes right opposite
slips, falls alow, coils

- - -
Sudha was born and raised in India. A daughter, wife and sister, she has worked in the Middle East and London. Sudha aspires to be known in the space of poetry as someone who weaves magic into language and combines unique design and strong color to her work of art. Her work is due to appear in Commonline Journal, the Indiana Voice Journal April 2015 issue, she has been a winner of poetry contests and was recently shortlisted for the Mary Charman Smith November 2014 Poetry Competition.


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