The Forgetful Man

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Contributor: Teddy Kimathi

- -
O, what a forgetful man!

He forgot the wallet
in the car.

He forgot the car keys
in the restaurant.

He forgot to pay for a meal
in the restaurant.

He forgot the name
of the restaurant he went to.

He forgot where he parked
his car.

He forgot his driving license
at his house.

He forgot his cell phone
in the restaurant’s washroom.

He forgot that today is his third
marriage anniversary.

O, what a forgetful man he is!

- - -
Poetry is one of Teddy's first loves. You can his poems in Leaves of Ink, Three Line Poetry, Tanka Journal, Literature Today, Shot Glass Journal and Inwood Indiana Press. His fiction works can be found in Beyond Science Fiction & Every Day Fiction.


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