Wrong Boys, Wrong Girls

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Contributor: Eric Carl

- -
She misses all the wrong boys
He kisses all the wrong girls
She makes love to all the broken men
Hoping to fix them
Just as he takes in all of the shattered women
Hoping to mend them.

She cooks for the men who beat her
He pampers the women who scream at him
She does anything
Just as he does anything
Hoping to make them happy
Hoping to make the broken faces smile
Just one more time
Just one more time.

Love heals all
And yet all are broken
But he and she
Might yet meet
Might yet take each other in,
Might make up for all the wrong boys
Might make up for all the wrong girls
With a single kiss
With a single snuggle
That might launch a string of sweetly silent nights
That might last for the rest of their lives.

- - -


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