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Contributor: Joseph Lisowski

- -
Native thunder harrows the sky.
Poppies flame and fall.
From a high porch in a nursing home
an old lady, eyes cataract,
watches and jumps at the late arriving sound.
She thinks of V-J day,
the bright yellow Vs slanting night
and the finale of the American flag
hovering, proclaiming sovereignty
before falling like Icarus.

Drums of darkness.
Flash of cannon fire
behind a gray city skyline.
It began where three rivers met,
a gateway to the West
where blue steel of saber and carbine
exploded red blood from red men.
Revenge haunts the sky.
A patriot always,
Her raw voice mumbles, "V for Victory!"
at the sulphrous light.

- - -
It has been alleged that he has had many aliases, none of which he acknowledges.


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