Cogito Ergo Sum

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Contributor: Diego Sieiro

- -
I can’t be left alone with my thinking
For it bullies me
Bringing up my secrets and forcing tears.

I can’t go alone anywhere,
For I may run into any of my ideas
They all are crazy and want to tickle me.

It’s not that I am out of my mind
She herself kicked me out
for not washing the dishes.

I as usual was late
Lost again my train of thought
and had to walk galore.

I talk to my self,
But my self is tired
Of the same old questions

I thought I had lost IT,
IT had left holding a girl’s hand
And alone IT returned.

My memory is not what it was
It is what it is
And never was what I wanted

Ergo cogito
Ergo sum

- - -
Diego has written comics, short stories and fragments of books in Mexico, Spain, the U.S. of A. and Ireland.
Poems he writes whenever Calliope tugs at his ears.


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