Keep the Fire Going

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Contributor: Kaitlin Corro

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A relationship is taking a gamble on love.

It’s trying to fill in the blanks of madlibs,
Mystery and curiosity begin the journey
Neither one aware of the efforts and struggles

Gradually the pieces fall in place until one piece is missing
The moment of realization hits, both of us differ.
Personas portrayed become reality-
Nothing is truly perfect.

Blissful moments transform into a warzone,
White walls become red and blue
No one, but themselves are flying the peace flag.

Sadness and anger are replaced with sorrys and a reality check
The wounds that were made are now scars, making their love stronger for each other
Arguments build the bonds through two solutions:
Communication and compromise

Familiarity of the present and past become comfort
Craving for stability drives us,
Mixed memories blended with an abundance of colors.

Pivotal moments aided us,
Two people from different sides of the spectrum converge-
Colorful bubbles fused with endearment
Filling a scrapbook of never ending memories

Love appreciating the flaws of my partner,
Being driven up the wall one day or feelings of cloud 9 the next,
Never a moment without an adventure

Precious moments keep the fire going

- - -
Kaitlin Corro was born in Bellflower, CA. She enjoys swimming, travelling, and being active. Her favorite costume is an inflatable T-rex.


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