The Harmony of Life

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Contributor: Elliot Kang

- -
I hear the sound of music ringing in my ears.

A harmonious melody it is,
that brings light to the darkness.
Darkness which shrouds the sound of solace
as it softly permeates my soul
and unveils my delicate eyes to true and absolute beauty.

The sound of silence pierces my ears as I suffer,
driven to be as an animal locked in a cage
A cage that traps my body, my mind, my imagination.
The key to unlocking this restraining cage is simply the sound of music
which unlocks my mind and my imagination.

I am an innocent child,
who receives with joy, yet is incapable of giving.
Incapable of giving the joy that I have received
in the euphonious melodies which have rung in my ears.
The sound of music becomes a part of me,
yet I am not dedicated to discovering rather than dreaming it.

I discover who I am through the sound which was shown to me
I touch music for the first time with my own hands,
and my creativity flows.
It is a bird who has learned to fly,
a child who learns to speak.
A natural process which takes time to perfect
yet is beautiful in the end.
I learn to adore the amazing attributes of becoming music.

My fingers begin to shakily click the keys
as a child would stumble taking steps for the first time.
Mistakes allow for growth,
the shrill sound of silencing failure which causes ears to convulse
brings forth joy at the notion of improvement.

Memories are the runner who crosses the finish line first.
It finds difficulty in following it, not remembering.
As time passes, my music becomes ever so beautiful and skilled.
Ever so natural and zealous.
Yet, I strangely desire more,
a desire that delicately drives my found passion further.
Naturally, the keys which expand the noise which is locked in a box
turn into metallic strings which spark the flame of my heart.

As my journey continues,
it is no longer a lonesome, lethargic path.
I see others who share this passion in a rudimentary manner.
A manner that is reminiscent to me prior to my dive into music.
My passion permeates the presence of others,
it is cup of water which overflows, soaking what is nearby it.
How could I not share my passion?

I am the sound of music ringing in my ears.

- - -
Elliot Kang was born in Santa Monica, California and currently hails from Southern California. He enjoys playing the guitar and trying new food and tasting different coffee. He spends a lot of free time creating and listening to music.


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