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Contributor: Anthony Clark

- -
A complex entanglement of interests and ideas,
Forged in the bond between a father and son.
Athletics ignited a passion deep within,
Guided by a love of competition and winning,
I strived to steal the spotlight whenever it shone on me,
Yet I found myself, incomplete, and one dimensional.

Still looking to feel whole, I turned my head to a digital medium,
Virtual worlds and landscapes challenged and intrigued me,
With brimming and vibrant levels that tell a story,
A cinematic tale guided by fingers and thumbs inspired a love,
A love that’s rooted in deep friendships.

Comedians telling tales of triumph and turbulence,
All for the amusement of others, drew out a sense of humor,
Gave me an aspiration to one day make an entire theater collapse in laughter,
And stand on the stage as people cried and applauded, like hysterical maniacs.

Hindered by a fear of judgement and lack of acceptance,
I keep my sharp wit and retorts to myself,
Shriveling up instead of blossoming like a beautiful begonia,
So no one knows that I want to make them all laugh.

All these traits conflict and fight and skirmish with one another,
An introvert that can be exceptional like an extrovert,
Cunning cleverness one second, dead silence another.

I’m a flowing liquid,
Adapting to whatever I’m in, filling the cracks and gaps,
No set persona or archetype, only acting as I want to.

I’m stuck in the middle,
And there is no place I would rather be,
I’m a fantastic fanatic of sports, and a gargantuan geek.

I’m a unique blend of many attributes, and I’m filled to the top with them.

- - -
Anthony Clark is from Long Beach California. He is a sports fanatic, and he loves to play video games. He is an avid fan of stand up comedy.


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