To the Friends Who Saved My Life

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Contributor: Meghan O'Hern

- -
Searching for the end of this
cymbal crash chaos all-consuming
hurricane heartbeat
for my battered self to find a safe haven

In you
in warm 2am walks
across frozen campus
mugs of earl grey
steam against stars
as sunlight paints skyline
first draft poetry
recovery in rhythm
1 am phone calls of “It won’t always be like this”
the hand holding tightly to mine

When the weight of being
hangs heavy on my heart
unable to breathe
this sickness
feels like all I am
you are there
to promise
the storm won’t swallow me

Thank you
for reminding me what I deserve
Thank you for being kind
even when I can’t be to myself
Thank you for listening
to stammered strings of syllables
Thank you for helping me stay

- - -
Meghan O'Hern is studying English/Creative Writing at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. She's eternally thankful to Writehouse for being a safe haven.


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