Lost Self

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Contributor: Diana Datuin

- -
She sits there wearing black on black.

With a blank look and empty eyes.

She uses her hair to cover her face.

Because she doesn’t like it when people look at her.

There are times where she is happy.

There are time where she is sad.

Doesn’t know where her mind is set.

Seems to focus on the irrelevant things.

All she has to do is look forward.

But how can she?

She’s constantly taken over by the demon beside her.

One she can’t get rid of even if she wanted to

That’s the thing, she can’t let go.

Why? She doesn’t even know herself.

People look at her straight in the eye.

But she doesn't know what she sees in them.

She doesn't know what she sees in her own.

She seems to be oblivious to everything around her.

The only thing she sees is the demon.

Who taunts her any chance it gets.

- - -
My name is Diana.
I live in Cerritos California.
I'm not a writer.


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