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Contributor: Stacy Maddox

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A heart knows not the difference
Between what is wrong or right
No mind of its very own to think

Voices cannot be audibly heard
Yet, it listens for another's pitch
Hanging on tightly to every murmur

Beating to a rhythm out of control
It can feel the tenderest touch
Becoming softer if given a chance

Pain makes it wary and jaded
When it has been broken or marred
Even though it has blind eyes

Its uses will never have bounds
Creating memories to last forever
At any given moment in its time

It is connected to every living soul
Inhabited by only one body of flesh
Amazing with its ability to love and receive

A heart can speak any language without saying a word.

- - -
Stacy Maddox is a varied hobbyist & artist, living in the fast-paced city of Lawrence, KS USA. She loves to soak up the sun by the river and feel the water rush over her feet while spending time with her family and friends. Stacy has been published in over 20 books, print magazines and websites.


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