Separation of Gods

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Contributor: Adam Levon Brown

- -
Molecular transfiguration
Embedded with iron never

Sold the metal in my veins.
Morphed into steel and tempered

With the ashes of the burnt witches.
When will they pay for their crimes

Against humanity and against the earth?
Only time will tell, and time is a

Cruel master, no matter who you are.
Misshapen happenstance juxtaposition

Of ants forming straight lines.
Tomorrow, we will fight.

- - -
Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, and cat lover. He is editor of Madness Muse Magazine, and a book reviewer for Five 2 One Magazine. He has over 120 poems published in 9 different countries. He has been published in venues such as Burningword Literary Journal.


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