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Contributor: Judy Moskowitz

- -
My core has been filled with new ideas
These last few years
A variety pack of trial and error
Feeding the intangible host
Words once homeless
Stored away in a dreamscape
Have found their place
A conduit for combustion
Release and escape
Living in harmony with music
Every note played with the caress
Of his phrase
Poetic intercourse from across the table
Sharing words in code
Teasing of scholarly loft
Candied sweet potatoes
Mixed in a bowl
A ten second shelf life
Stir fried with just the right amount of spice
The promise of a poem
Born from just a taste
A glass of wine

- - -
Judy Moskowitz, a professional jazz musician, has been published in Poetry Life And Times, Michael Lee Johnson's anthology, Indiana Voice Journal, Whispers Of The Wind


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