Because Of Her

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Contributor: Stacy Maddox

- -
She still doesn't see how exquisite she is
Nothing I could say would compare
To how I feel about her every move
Grace and beauty shines through her soul
The embodiment of a perfectly sculpted mate

This woman I took to wife fifty years ago
Is still the young, shy girl I met one summer
When just an unseasoned boy of twelve
Now a man of seventy, I am more than enamored

Little did I know of secrets behind green eyes
Or strength and understanding in a simple smile
Innocent today, as she was when we wed
And the moment we marveled at our newborn
Only long, silver hair tells truth of her real age

She laughs at a joke, turning her head to me
I catch my breath, watching, meeting her gaze
An eternity will never be enough time to love
To create memories, to adore, to cherish
Giving, becoming who I want to be, because of her.

- - -
Stacy Maddox is a varied hobbyist & artist, living in the fast-paced city of Lawrence, KS USA. She loves to soak up the sun by the river and feel the water rush over her feet while spending time with her family and friends. Stacy has been published in over 20 books, print magazines and websites.


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