I am Makeup

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Contributor: Summer Crandell

- -
I am makeup, I bring a smile to everyone's faces,
But God only knows how addicted those around me can get.
I enhance the beauty of everyone I touch,
Yet for that very reason I have become exploited.

I am used as protection, to help cover a lovers accidental hit.
I am used to help others appear happy, despite shielding puffy eyes.
I am used as therapy for those who feel they need me, to look better to him.
I am used. But at least I am loved.

Despite my soft appearance, I often seem to be too much-
Especially to those who don’t know how to handle me properly.
So to those who are yet to explore how potent I can be,
Look before you take on too much.

Once a blank canvas, my touch can create art never before seen.
Though art can’t often reach everyone,
I am content with being appreciated deeply,
Instead of needing to be accepted widely.

- - -
Summer Crandell is a firm believer in the “butterfly effect”, and believes that everything in life has a result larger than we can anticipate.


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