Making the Change

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Contributor: Jaide Lin

- -
On the first day of third grade, I was excited to go to school.
Rainbow-striped backpack in hand,
bouncing along the sidewalk in my old sneakers,
I ran to the classroom, looking around to find a friend.
A sea of unfamiliar faces stared back.

In a never-ending ocean of whispers and rumors,
judgments and nervousness,
blank faces laughed along to the same crude jokes,
the same rude remarks.
Bright rainbow stripes faded to gray.

On the first day of seventh grade, I was eager to go to school.
Shiny new markers and composition books in tow,
I fumbled through how-are-yous and introduce-yourselfs.
But these quiet words were snuffed out with silence,
like a flickering candle in the wind.

On the first day of ninth grade, I was nervous to go to school.
Unchanging expressions, empty gazes,
I was staring through a looking glass, leading to nothingness.

But a helping hand reached through,
warm words carried me out of the shrouded mist.
I realized how one moment of kindness could change a life,
a treasured ember that can grow into a glowing spark.
On the first day of my life,
I am now ready to make the change and do the same.

- - -
Seeking inspiration in biking adventures and nature trail hikes, I am an avid traveler and runner in my free time. Outside of writing, I enjoy spending my afternoons reading, swimming, or jogging. In addition, I also devote much of my free hours to painting portraits of my adorable beagle, Lucy.


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