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Contributor: Summer Crandell

- -
Your warmth,
Feels similar to the Sun herself.
It wraps its welcoming arms around me.
And although you sometimes burn me, you keep me warm.
Its tone is that of a bumble bee.
Your wings hum a tune of rhythm and peace .
You bring my radical, racing heart to a rest,
but sometimes I can feel your sting.

I used to hate it though,
hated how ugly it looked.
Even though it was everywhere, I never quite saw it,
or maybe,
I just never noticed it.

Since I’ve met you I now see it.
I see it everywhere.
I see its ecstatic golden smile on the face of an elderly woman.
I see its licked fingertips on crumpled pages,
on the book that’s never put down,
I see it in you.
How you describe it.
How it makes you feel.
I too feel how yellow makes you feel, however
You are my yellow.

- - -
Summer Crandell is a firm believer in the “butterfly effect”, and believes that everything in life has a result larger than we can anticipate.


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