‘Til Kingdom Come

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Contributor: Nisa Syed

- -
Amongst the multitude of competitors,
I run at my own pace,
Experiencing the obstacles of this path alone.

The course of my existence
Is as sudden as the utterance that
Plagues my mind.

I search for a message
To guide me into the known
And set me free.

I look into my mother's green eyes,
Anticipating a moment of
Consolation from my painful thoughts.

In my place,
I treasure the altruism
That sits peacefully upon my heart

Yet I cannot wait no more,
As I am as impatient than a
Flock of birds taking their flight.

I must rise up
To the challenges
That I fear.

- - -
Nisa Syed grew up listening to the stories in her father’s books. This enabled her to develop a keen eye for fiction, and a devotion for writing stories. The Wizarding World and Greek Gods became the center of her imagination, and inspiration for her future publications.


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