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Contributor: Stephanie Trinh

- -
The people around me like to live wild,
but that’s just not for me.
Instead, with a calm, cold exterior,
like a machine is processing,
all the action’s going on inside my head.

My thoughts and ideas like to run wild.
Seeking work for fun
like a predator seeks prey,
and in the quiet of night,
the imagination roams free, as I
ponder the unsolvable
and unanswered mysteries.

Though others can live
for the fun and the adventure,
I’ve found that at best
the only place I can be wild
is inside my own head.

- - -
Stephanie Trinh is a high school senior living in California who is planning to attend UC Berkeley. Since a young age, she has had an incredible interest in music, playing instruments ranging from the piano to the flute. When she isn't playing music, she enjoys putting her creativity towards writing.


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