I Am the Tide

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Contributor: Roshni Edwards

- -
I am the tide, indecisive by nature
Shall I choose to remain steady and safe on shore?
Or allow the sea to introduce me to worlds unknown
The steady rocking of my mind all but brings me comfort

I am a reflection of the heavens above
My waves so easily persuaded by the wind and earth
Sculpted as a fragment of the grand artwork
The moon guides my unstable waters

I am drawn to the light hovering above my current
Escaping the fiends that dwell in the shadows
The truths I can’t bear to face
I yearn to escape but they unfailingly lure me back

I am the guardian of the reef
Protecting what I love and relentlessly holding on
Never neglecting my genesis
But always mindful of my present

- - -
Roshni Edwards is a 17-year-old senior currently attending Cerritos High School. She enjoys playing soccer with her school's varsity girls soccer team as well as her outside club soccer team. She also enjoys singing and several other forms of artistic expression including painting and poetry.


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