Catching Winter

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Contributor: Joezel Jang

- -
Under the winter sun
Frosty thoughts encased inside,
Splitting their way through slanted light
Behind my ashen eyes

Snow streaked across
This wind stricken face,
Empty trees ubiquitously sweeping
The white blanketed space,

Thin, feathery flakes
Falling lightly on my open palms,
Barely grasping a hint of shelter
I felt my slipping warmth,

Wishing with numbed bones
Hands closed, fingernails grazed,
In hopes to capture what's been vanishing
And freeze it into place,

From afar, a sparrow disjointedly sang
Of lyrics beneath the cracking snow,
Somewhere, echoing subtle songs-
Oh how it ached more, furthermore, to go.

Then I heard myself murmur,
Well, this goes to show..
That all I have left is this forever love of winter,
As I trace these melted flakes of snow.

- - -
I am a hopeless romantic. I love reminiscing while strolling down the beach, watching & listening to the rhythm of the rain while drinking early morning or late night Lattes. I write from the heart or at least from my imagination. For once, hold my hand, walk with me, see through my eyes, and be my heart as I take you to my Neverneverland.


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