New Beginning

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Contributor: Carrie Breeden

- -
I thought death was the end;
Death meant the end of the road,
No turning back.
Still, I was stuck here,
On earth.
The last place I wanted to be.

I watch him from afar;
His heart is aching,
Filled with sorrow and regret
As he examines the body in the casket.
Don’t mourn for her, I want to say,
But he would never hear my silent pleas.

I thought death was the end,
But it’s only the beginning.
I’m stuck on the planet I hated so much,
Stuck watching the one I love suffer
Unable to do anything about it.

He turns around;
Emotions stir inside me as I wonder
Can you see me?
It's doubtful, improbable.
He will never see me again.

No, death isn't the end of my torture;
It's the beginning.

- - -
Carrie is a soon-to-be college graduate with an A.A. in psychology. Generally, she focuses more on longer pieces and some poetry. Previous publications consist of three poems in Creative Communications' A Celebration of Young Poets.


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