You'll Be My Next Victim

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Contributor: Asma Uz-Zaman

- -
You'll be my next victim.
In a nice way.
Victim of warm affection
and steely desire

A target to vest all
these flaming emotions at
and decorate with accolades of
adoring affection.

A warm embrace to return to
when the days are short
and nights long.
A cheeky smile and perturbed brow,
because a touch sometimes fixes all

But as day returns, the paths do differ
the promise remains,
hope to fill empty cups and charm
the heart, because that is what keeps
you moving.

The return, always the return
warm, comforting, and
the embodiment of home.
He'd bury his head
in her neck
and she'd whisper to him

You'll be my next victim
but also my last,
Your occurrence has reached
a satisfied culmination.

It never failed to make him smile.
She was his
And that made him smile even more

- - -


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