Torn and Frayed

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Contributor: Harry Calhoun

- -
Times when the guitar player gets restless. I wonder
what happened to those three chords my crazy uncle
Roger imperfectly taught me on my darkened country porch?

Think I remember them. Remember giving that old beloved Gibson
acoustic away to a girl who should have meant nothing to me
when I was young and stupid. And now old, maybe still stupid

I listen to that old Stones song, how torn and frayed
they played their gig and I play mine, these lyrics and memories,
the music only in my head, wearing the ratty jacket of the past

because it gets cold in these old skins.

- - -
Harry Calhoun lives in Raleigh with his beautiful wife Trina and lovely black dogs Hamlet and Harriet. Recent books and chapbooks include the limited-edition Maintenance and Death, The Insomnia Poems, his collection of older poems called Retro and a chapbook of love poems, How Love Conquers the World.


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