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Contributor: Glenda Grande

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If only I could’ve kissed your lips before our final farewell,
I would savour the moment and lock it forever in my heart.
The times we loved, the times that we shared together;
A treasure that cannot be forgotten, no matter what happens.

I wonder, will you remember my smile, my voice and my touch?
I miss the moments we spent hand in hand, side by side:
Loving laughter resounding in the air, trapped in our own world,
Never wanting the moment to end; wishing time would stop for us.
We had our moments of perfection, erasing our surroundings,
Yet we never anticipated the heartbreak that would follow behind.

Goodbye was said without ever really saying “Goodbye” -
The love remained until we found a way to push it all aside.
I kept so many tears hidden inside, not wanting to give in,
But only now do I realize the extent that I truly loved you.

Seasons changed with spring passing into summer days
Where our flame still burned brightly, hidden inside our chests.
Why were we scared? What did we fear? Our future was unclear.
We did the right thing by our lives but wrong choice by our hearts.
Now almost a year has come to pass and we haven’t moved at all.

Even though we’re now apart, I’ll continue to smile and reminsce.
Sometimes I miss you. Sometimes I still long to be with you.
Just remember, we can’t look back and dwell on regrets of the past,
But if you wish for it, maybe someday we can meet once again -
I’ll call out your name, and you’ll whisper mine as you used to.
We can smile together once again, even if it’s just for a little while.

- - -
Emotions written from the heart, this young woman writes a collection of literature by telling the tales of life with artful words. Her aim is to make people remember that being emotion-filled is only human. You can find more of her literary works on her website


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