Spin As If It's The End

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Contributor: Wendy Gonzalez

- -
The music starts, and
something begins to flow through me.
The way it feels,
the adrenaline rushing through me.
The toss spinning in the air,
the perfect five rotations of my rifle.
Catching it solid,
the crowd cheers.
Yes, I think.

Making my way to my flag,
it’s as if time slows down.
Grabbing my flag,
I begin to be one with the music.
It’s no longer just colorguard and an activity,
it’s the oxygen to my lungs.
I become one with my equipment,
then, the song comes to an end.
I smile at the crowd,
breathing heavy, mouth dry
as if I walked through a desert.
The audience roars,
the gym shakes,
I breathe it all in.

- - -
Wendy Gonzalez will be graduating this year with her work featured on Eskimo Pie. Her hobbies consist of eating, shopping, and colorguard.


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