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Contributor: Natalie Wallace

- -
My veins are paths of fire,
ignited by rushing blood.
My chest is a pounding beat,
the unsteady rhythm of you and me.

We twist, we turn,
we fuse, we mesh.
A tangle of limbs,
and gasps for breath.
Greedy hands,
pushing and pulling,
I’m left wanting more.

Little by little,
pieces of me are gone,
broken off and shoved away.
But I am filled again,
with his jagged edges,
pierced in my arms, in my chest,
and past my trembling lips.

- - -
Natalie Wallace's work has appeared on Eskimo Pie. She is a cheerful spirit who enjoys reading, writing, and drinking Jasmine tea. If there is a place with good music, you’ll most likely find her there.


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