A Work of Art

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Contributor: Gia Razo

- -
bet your mother still remembers
molding you in her womb,
giving you the thick devil brows,
that lifts when you witness
another man taking a glance at me.
she puts you together, like a mosaic
of her past lovers’ limbs, but only of Bobby’s,
she plasters a broad smile on your face
on top of a sturdy physique with brawny arms
that gives me the comfort I yearn for.
and those deep brown dough eyes so divine,
who see nothing but good in me.
she created a masterpiece.

- - -
Gia Razo is a writer that hopes to major in Kinesiology and become a Sports Medicine Doctors for the National Football League. She loves to serve seniors their cup of coffee and tea after school at multiple senior homes and listen to their stories. She's a humble person, with a smiling face. She can be contacted at giacintharazo@gmail.com


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