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Contributor: Alexis Avila

- -
Our love is out of tune like an old piano
but it plays a wonderful melody.
The way our broken hearts came together
to make a beautiful mosaic
is something I will never forget.
I can feel your big brown eyes
on my body
when I’m not even looking at you.
The way your heartbeat feels
when you lay next to me
sends shivers throughout my whole body.
You smell like the ocean breeze
on the night you first kissed me.
I still remember the way you looked at me
as if you were looking at the world.
I could see the stars in your eyes
and the flush in your cheeks.
And sometimes I sit and wonder
just how we came to be
so I replay it all over again
and it’s even better than
the first time.

- - -
Alexis Avila has seven cats and collects greeting cards. She loves the sound of rain and violins. She can be contacted at


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