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Contributor: Taylor Harrison

- -
I hunger for understanding,
I am left starving.
Strong, barely controllable,
desire for wisdom is heavy on the mind.
How was this created?
Who did it?
Unanswered questions are seared onto a restless brain.

Knowledge loves to taunt at 2 a.m.
leaving me with tired eyes and strained hopes.
Information is tangible,
living in books, experiences, talks.
But without comprehension
I am left in the same state.

Intellectual conversations spark my mind,
mysteries of the world awe and perplex me.
My mind craves to know the Universe’s secrets.
As much as I want to know
all I am allowed to do is sit,
appreciating the beauty bestowed unto this world.

- - -
Taylor Harrison attends CSULB next fall. When she is not journaling, sleeping, or eating she is making homemade beauty products in her kitchen in hopes to one day become a holistic dermatologist.


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