Our Keeper

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Contributor: Jasmine Wilson

- -
Passion has vivacity in Death,
and Death resonates in passion.
She is a considerate woman,
beholding gifts for everyone.
They are treasures
that Life could never offer.

She is upon all of us,
arriving in the form of an angel.
Her wings are pitching black
in the youth of night.
She murmurs lullabies
of a better life, and
her velvet wings deliver us from evil.

Death is a persistent goddess,
it is impossible, unfeasible to resist her conquest.
She is absolute.
Our souls will remain with her,
becoming the jewels in her crown.
Her kiss is inevitable,
an enticing craft that captivates our simplistic minds.
We will never be worthy of her touch.

She is a time-warden,
jingling the keys to our destiny,
and she is passionate enough to dwell
in our caskets along with us.
When we are buried,
she keeps us warm,
as the cold ground swallows our remains.

- - -
Jasmine Wilson loves running through the woods with animals, as an animal. She is a lone wolf. She is an artsy city girl who tries her hardest to withdraw from reality, and her addictive personality drags her closer towards abstracts and daydreaming.
Jasmine has a desire for digital arts and animation, somewhere in that field. She is searching for colleges and hopes to get help in college-prep in order to achieve greatness. Jasmine will continue to write tiny novels to pass the time.


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