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Contributor: Penelope Yagake

- -
There you were,
a place of hope and opportunities
amidst my sea of fear and loneliness.
You lent a hand to take off the luggage
weighing me down into the depths,
and you saved me.

You led me
amidst rocky roads and fragrant flowers,
through winding paths that crossed forests and deserts.
You showed me who you are.

I was encompassed and captivated
by your voice,
your native song,
singing in the air.

You’re the one I put my trust into
like a sailor who depends on his ship
or a passenger on a plane
or a person sitting in his house

There is no need to be afraid
of rough, violent waters,
or overbearing storm clouds.
To me, there is no better place to be
than here.

With you, I’ll always say,
“I’m home.”

- - -
Penelope Yagake writes poetry and short stories from her home where she lives with her beloved cat. When she is not writing, she draws and creates digital art. Her work has appeared in Eskimo Pie and Fifty Word Stories.


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