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Contributor: Krystian Bagunu

- -
I remember when you took
your first shot. It hit you like a
bullet straight to the chest and
you coughed and cringed and
chugged down two more.

You laughed and looked at
me like the world was on fire.
My lips met yours and it was you
that set my body

I remember when I told you
I’m broken. I said it jokingly
but meant every word and
you smiled and laughed and
said, “I’ll fix you.”

You tried but there were
too many pieces and too little
time and I guess you got tired
so you went home and
called it a day.

I haven’t heard from you since.

- - -
Krystian Bagunu is a movie fanatic working at his local movie theater. When he's not making popcorn, he's writing poetry or hanging out with his friends.


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